Clearly the Conservatives have no plans to remediate the situation so making vague promises and staying away from events is all you can expect.

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The latest Cabinet meeting in West Northamptonshire blamed Children's services cost for not being able to repairs the numerous"Potholes" in the County. The North and the West Council’s see Children's services being the causes of their financial problems. Mental health like SEND is being seen as the enemy. It remind me that in the 1930 Hitler did eliminate Children's with any disability of any kind as he wanted a "pure race".

Is that what the Councillors are really looking for?. They are scared of a public meeting for fear of being lynched? Shame on them.

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It was such an honour and a privilege to meet Julie, Maria, and everyone on the panel, including Mark Pengelly. Thank you for the cordial welcome and hospitality. For Julie's recent interview on the BBC Northampton Radio station, please check out the following link:




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