This is complete beyond me. Why is it so hard for people to realise the root cause of all this is NHFT’s failing paeds service. Before pushing children through a totally inadequate mental health service, they should be assessing these kids for neurodivergence conditions. If that is diagnosed and proper support given then people don’t need mental health services. This is a horrific report to read - I’m not surprised he killed himself - so would anybody repeatedly having their needs not met and being forced into positions which make them worse. The whole report recommendations are useless without the fundamental issue being addressed. We’re just going to lose more and more kids if somebody (like NHFT) doesn’t finally admit their services are NOT outstanding by any means. They are much more concerned by their CQC rating than our kids. Instead of basic trained school nurses we need neurodivergent experts. This isn’t difficult to understand so what’s the agenda against it? It’s so obvious there must be one. This child understood the autistic child like nobody had before. How many more clues did all these ‘professionals’ need? They should rightly be not sleeping as should the NHFT Chief Exec and GP.

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This is so horrific. This poor child experiencing such failures, such a preventable tragedy.

Speaking as a send parent of children who have been labelled with ebsa- reading of such continued failures for children is not at all uncommon for Northants.

There is zero support on the nhs in Northants, you get pushed around a few services if you are lucky -until finally you are told there’s nothing. Children sit on waiting lists for years for nd assessments-how many of these children end up in crisis and traumatised? No one ever checks in with you or communicates how to get support. Schools so often haven’t got a clue and children are being harmed by ill informed practices locally yesterday, today and they will be tomorrow.

Yes it’s complex, but surely logically early assessment of needs and compassionate informed support is how these children are cared for. The evidence/research is out there to support this. Supporting children and parents is the way. Waiting until suicidal intent/action and then intervening is too late the damage is done.

Prevention is better than cure.

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