It's been so easy for Tory candidates for so many years.

They have bankrupted the county council and still the electorate let them back in.

Have we suddenly woken up to their arrogance and incompetence.

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The Conservative party is experiencing internal turmoil, signaling the need for a comprehensive overhaul to eradicate its detrimental influence on society.

MPs, PFCC commissioner, Elected local Councillors & even right down to the Conservative affiliated members of local parish councillors.

While public dissatisfaction stems largely from their ineffective governance, we cannot afford to overlook this critical juncture and take any opportunity to remove them from office for granted

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Bewildering amount of effort to win back support for an arrogant dinosaur of a party.

Now they want to listen.


Rearranging the chairs on the Titanic comes to mind.

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I look forward to welcoming prospective conservative candidates when they knock at my door. I will invite them in, offer a cup of tea and have a very long but polite discussion with them about how their party is going to sort out adult and child social care SEND and a few other issues. I will slso sympathise with them about how they are being treated by their MP.

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Well it might be counter-productive reminding us of the need to vote them out! Also typical of Hollobone not to take responsibility for the decision but to smear it across a consensus. He never engages but just forwards the point or query to a hapless minister.

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