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It almost doesn’t matter whether Mold and Marzec are in a relationship. Questions of personal ethics in-post will always reflect badly, and perceptions of the motivation for such actions has a knock-on effect on the role both in-county and elsewhere. The appointment of Ms Marzec was clearly inappropriate even as a temporary action, and thankfully enough people questioned it at a level and volume that ensured she resigned. Sadly Mold does not have enough strength of character to do the same. His position is untenable. One can only hope that those who questioned Marzec’s appointment raise their voices again, regarding Mold. You have to wonder what it is about Northampton that seems to regularly attract the people so desperate to have power and position. Why, when their misdeeds (or more charitably, mistakes) are uncovered, do they have to hold on to their position with such a desperate death grip rather than gracefully stepping back? I can at least say I have more appreciation for Ms Marzec’s acceptance of the inevitable.

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I would say to Anita Shields and Zoe McGhee, allowing yourselves to be manipulated into walking out of the meeting was a spectacularly ineffective way of holding Mr Mold to account.

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How in gods name has Mold stayed in his role?

He has lied.

He has committed nepotism.

He has abused his powers.

He has arrogantly dismissed the above by saying he has apologised.

It will be the measure of the quality of the OPFCC panel as to what they decide to do next.

Openness and democracy is not a strong point of this panel.

Interestly, other Tories have waded in, Gaslighting, by attacking those who are holding the panel and the PFCC to account.

'Gaslighting' is a term synonymous with the Tories, both at local and national level.

It's the one legacy they will be never shake off in my eyes.

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The sheer arrogance of the Tories to think it is ok to carry on like this and ignore public opinion.

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