Reform selecting Ben Habib as its man for Wellingborough by election will be a perfect litmus test for how the right wing vote will split in red brick land.

I believe Regorm will throw Farage & the whole cast at the town & may just shock a few Westminster pundits with its vote share.

From what I hear regularly in my hi-viz job & in my red brick pub I know that the majority of Bone’s huge majority who were lied to about Brexit are now enthusiastically swallowing the immigration lies...& will never vote Labour under any circumstances.

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So a party that polls more then the Lib Dems is considered a fringe party is it ? And Ben Habib who is watched by millions on GB News as a regular guest and often seen on Talk TV too is relatively unknown ? Perhaps just try reporting the news rather than trying to put an obvious spin against the Reform party, which shows our worried you are that they will win.

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Ben Habib promoted Brexit and then sought to make money from the outcome. On the day of the referendum, June 23 2016, he told the publication IPE Real Assets: “Any volatility would only be an opportunity for small, opportunistic companies such as [his] First Property.” In July 2017, he told the same publication: “The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created opportunities on which we, as a niche fund manager, are well placed to capitalise.” His motivation is therefore questionable. Is this someone who would be suitable as an MP?

Reform are a fringe party and the advantage of fringe politics is the liberty to advocate preposterous things without any expectation of having to make them work. The tragedy for Britain is that, via Brexit, policymaking in wilful defiance of reality has been allowed to go mainstream. Look no further than the Liz Truss budget to find verification. Were Reform to win a majority in Parliament then their policies would swiftly be unwound in the face of reality and their time in government would be a shambles which the country could not afford.

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