The recruitment process and the Due Diligence has been totally inadequate and unreliable. The so called "rigorous" vetting does not appear to have ever existed. The whole responsibilities rest with Stephen Mold and his team.

Mold mislead the Panel at least twice. Firstly for the appointment of Nick Adderley and secondly it would appears to have done exactly the same thing for appointing the new Chief of Fire & Rescue Services (Nicci Watson). In my opinion he should also be prosecuted for not taking his responsibility.

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On the 31st of January 2024 the IOPC issued this statement.

“we have sent a report relating to disciplinary matters to the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) for Northamptonshire alongside our recommendation that the Chief Constable’s conduct should be considered at a misconduct hearing, for potential breaches of the police standards of professional behaviour, which could amount to gross misconduct. The standards identified are honesty and integrity and discreditable conduct. We advised the PFCC, based on the evidence we had gathered to date, that the PFCC should proceed to an accelerated gross misconduct hearing.”

If Mr Adderley is found guilty at the upcoming gross misconduct hearing, I believe this should happen.

He should lose his pension.

He should repay the £96,000 paid to him whilst suspended.

He should fade away into obscurity in disgrace.

Mr Adderley is not going to be sentenced to prison, the place to hit this man is in his pocket.

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In January a recc. was sent to PFCC in January for a misconduct hearing.

Misconduct hearing is at the end of May.

Nice work when suspended on full pay.

British "justice" always reminds me of the "Spy who came in from the cold" story

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Maybe he should give up his huge salary and live on Universal Credit?

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Just to manage expectations... I work in government (sorry!). Let me explain to you in layman's terms how this is going to play out, irrespective of the public-relations propaganda that cultishly deflects to the contrary:

Desk 1 - Northants Police

Desk 2 - Northants Police, Fire, Crime Commissioner

Desk 3 - IOPC

Desk 4 - Chief Persecution Servants (CPS)

Desk 1 makes a hail-mary pass of his files to his mate across the atrium to Desk 2. Desk 2 rubber-stamps postage of the same files to his mate at the IOPC. Desk 3 holds on to files for 18 months, pretends diligent work is undertaken reviewing files it had access to since Desk 1 received / compiled it. Desk 3 then elects random day to drop files to his missus who sits at Desk 4.

Desk 4 takes 14 months to decide, in a room where she talks it over with herself, whether what should be done. She answers to no one because Desk 4 isn't elected. Desk 4 accidentally loses files and has contractor issue a public statement saying there will be no further action (because there was never any anyway).

Everyone lives happily ever after in 2026.

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