May be Mold should resign too. It's his judgements that must be questioned. The question of personal friendships and nepotism is also a problem for Tories it seems. Time they went.

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Can I ask why Mrs Marzec needed to be urgently put into position when there are more than capable officers who have passed the required Command and Control courses?

Their pay grade reflects their skills.

Mrs Marzec being elevated so dramatically for the Silverstone Grand Prix just wasn't necessary.

A fire chief is a figure head who must trust the immediate underlings at all times who happen to be in abundance in Northants Fire and Rescue Service.

Also, exactly why did the resigning CFO Mark Jones leave with such dramatic effect?

Maybe, as reported, he left to deal with injuries, but he could have done a slow hand over to his subordinates.

Instead, we get this highly critical rush job that's showing more than is necessary of the failings at the top of the tree.

Did Mark Jones know something and that forced a clash between him and the Crime Commissioner?

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It sounds like something’s rotten about Mold.

But then he is a Tory; corruption is in their DNA. These PFCC roles were just unnecessary jobs for the boys from the outset.

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They were Tory idea. Cameron pushed for them.

Remember our first one?

Adam Simmonds?

A total waste of space and good fresh air.

All he did was spend our money.

Mold has been groomed as our next MP by a WNC councillor so he can have a tame MP in his back pocket

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Simmonds? I thought he was an alien!!

After 13 years of corruption and incompetence led by the most inept people conceivable the Conservative Party needs to be consigned to a footnote in history. I thought they had blown it with Thatcher, obviously I’m no political pundit.

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Sadly, Labour do not seem to be able to stand as a viable opposition.

We need change, not the 'same old same old'.

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First we need a constitution. Laws governing Government. The last 13 years (and before) have shown that the principle of honourable people behaving honourably and policing themselves just isn’t founded in reason. The House of Lords was intended as a stop gap until an elected second house could be set up. Johnson’s shameful ‘honours’ list should be a catalyst for change.

Unfortunately Labour is a dead duck and no other party is credible. Maybe a revolution is required. Ha Ha.

BREXIT was desirable to the Government in order to remove the upper courts of the EU which had the power to constrain their more larcenous intentions.

Bah! I’ve become old. Ranting in the wind.

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Usual lack of judgement with these cronies who believe they run the country and are therefore beyond the law.

I do like the idea that Mrs M was appointed to be "Acting Up". Seems the whole crew were.

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Nepotism is the lowest and least imaginative form of corruption

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The whole episode stinks of the nepotistic culture that exists in Northamptonshire local government.

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Thank you NN Journal for the part you played in holding the PFCC to account.

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Will she get ten days worth of the extra £35k she was getting in her new job?

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She’ll probably get £100k severance pay. Whatever; it’s only our money.

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A professional PFCC role accountable and paid for by citizens is vital in reviewing and monitoring the diverse security needs across the county. There are few roles that are given this overview approach.

The flippancy demonstrated and slow to materialise 'after-thought' reflect a poor understanding of public service. Disgraceful. Stephen Mold should also resign

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