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I completely echo the concerns raised in the article about this Academy, which my daughter attends. I think it is so important that the community rallies together somehow, cos these excluded youngsters are so vulnerable to exploitation, mental health problems and more.

I'm particularly concerned about the effect of the internal exclusions policy within the academy on pupils educational attainment. Pupils are sent to 'reset' or internal exclusion for 5 periods at at time - this punishment is set at an arbitrary length regardless of the nature of the behavioural infringement. This sanction is arbitrarily doubled up, so a pupil would need to spend five periods in reset/IE then do a 50 minute detention. They can receive two further warnings at any point in the day whilst there, for example turning around or standing up. If they receive two verbal/ formal warnings in reset/IE then they are automatically excluded. On their return to school they would be expected to do another five periods in reset/ IE.

It is no wonder that there are scores of young teenagers wandering the streets of Queensway. These kids are vulnerable.

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Our son was excluded from this school easy way out for them

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Horrible staff! Selfish , don’t believe naughty children, don’t give them the correct help .

Staff are bully’s.

If you can get out I would too!!

This school messed up my child and his education!!

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Are these parents aware of the independant exclusion panels set up by County, to make sure the schools are excluding for the right reasons, I have been sitting on panels now for approximately 20 years exclusion and admission appeals for various Counties.

They must be informed at all times if it permanent all panel members are independent as well as clerks and chairs

And no Paul Croft in my 20 years not all black at all in fact a very small number in comparison

Regards Barbara Sullivan

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This has been going on for years. Other schools are doing the same, so probably a tad unfair just to focus on Weavers. I wonder what the ethnicity data is. Nationally Black boys are disproportionately excluded - is this the pattern here too?

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