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I would suggest that the following is an adequate summary of the problems with policing in Northamptonshire.


Note, under the "Performance" tab, that the police are inadequate, relative to national standards, in most areas that were inspected, and that there is no area at all where the performance can actually be described as "good".

Note also, under the "Key Facts" tab, that we have fewer police officers in front line roles than the national average, also about 20% fewer officers than the average, measured relative to population. Finally, note that we pay about 20% less than the national average for our policing.

My opinion is that we have been duped by the current Commissioner into thinking that paying less means that we get better value. The basic facts about police performance say otherwise. A key step in the process of getting acceptable performance out of the police is that we are going to have to pay more, and a new Commissioner is going to have to ensure that the extra resources that are made available, by us paying more, are used effectively.

Cllr Stone is going to have to address the above issues in order to get my vote.

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