Seems staggering that the public stayed loyal to this bunch of chancers and voted in the Tories time after time.

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What has never been explained was who bought the council offices and now collect rent on it. What amount of rent is now paid on the £65m property?

Also how many of the former properties are still part of the council portfolio - which they could have sold?

For example who owns County Hall?

"The county council announced in June 2018 that it was considering selling County Hall but the proposed transaction was subsequently abandoned"

Surely that building could have been sold to cover the council shortfall and not the new building?

That building must be a huge expense to keep maintaining.

Then they have other properties over the county. Do they own or rent those?

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Hi David. Canada life bought the building - not sure if true rent but we will look into that as will be a pertinent issue When the unitaries come in. As far as aware, county hall is still owned by the county council as the sale was cancelled.

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I wondered what the value of county hall is. Why they didn't sell that and have no rent. It seems the cheapest option.

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they also had other buildings I visited on contract with the council. How many other buildings are they still operating e.g. social care, night team, fostering.. etc.

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