Strange the way the signing stations have been set up ... nothing to do with the huge influence Bone has always exercised on various cronies at NNC of course!

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One wonders why NNC can't organise signing stations located in council offices since these are presumably open 9 - 5. For after hours why not have mobile units in car parks? They managed that for Covid testing!

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The allocation of areas of Wellingborough to signing centres for the recall ballot is quite bizarre.

Those living in the North of Wellingborough (Redhill Grange) have to sign at Wellingborough rugby club between Great Doddington and Wilby, several miles away and completely inaccessible (unless you are rugby fan I doubt anyone knows where it is - up an unlit rural road with no footpath).

If you live in the east of Wellingborough you will have been allocated to sign in Finedon, with the quite ridiculous situation that people living near the Castle Theatre (a signing centre) have to travel to Finedon.

People living in Higham Ferrers have to sign in Rushden and for those living to the south of Rushden in a golf club, a long distance from the town and on a very busy road.

I know of disabled people who have complained as they have no means to go to a signing centre because they are so inaccessible.

It appears everything is being done to suppress the vote rather than enhance people's democratic rights. This is called gerrymandering.

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With the siting go the signing stations it has made signing very difficult for many who wish to register their signature to remove Bone. It does appear that Bone and his cronies have had some influence on the placing of these sites. Why was Higham Ferrers Town Hall not used, it is central and easily accessible for Higham residents.

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