The issue of those with their hands on the levers of power being DBS checked is a VERY interesting proposal. I applaud Ana Savage Gunn for voicing this. In theory of all the Councillors being DBS checked and those responsible for vulnerable people, none should fail.

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Whoever is elected as PFCC on May the 2nd, I implore them to put knife crime at the very top of their agenda. It is exactly a year since a young lad was murdered simply walking from his school to his home in broad daylight. I cannot imagine the pain and grief his family and friends have had to endure this last 12 months, and my heart goes out to them.

We have reached a stage where every Mother and Father are anxious every time their child leaves the house. I am lucky enough to have 2 wonderful grandchildren, I really don’t want to spend the rest of my days worrying that a complete stranger might cause them harm whilst they are innocently going about their business as I used to be able to do at their age.

None of us, I’m sure, want to live in this kind of society. I hope the new commissioner will gather Police, youth agencies, in fact any group that has expertise in this and formulate a plan to reduce and then eradicate this curse of our times. It will need substantial funding, but it deserves it. We must return to preventing crime, the fact that killer of the poor boy a year ago was convicted and sentenced will be of small comfort to his loved ones, they just wanted him to grow up and enjoy life and I’m sure he would have made them proud.

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A massive sea change is needed in both culture and responsibility. We need to instil values into our children and identify the catalyst that turn them into vapid narcissistic individuals who care more about attention, rather than the value of a life. A total lack of consequence, both in terms of crime and general social behaviour create apathy and this is the disease that afflicts many youngsters that can set them on a path of thinking carrying a knife gets them "respect" which in turn makes others carry for their safety, and we spiral down into where we are now.

Police have a role to play, but until the wrong 'uns in Police are rooted out, kids will never have any respect for them.

The whole situation is a mess that no single agency alone can fix, but no party seems to have the drive to want to address the societal changes we need to improve things.

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The idea of some sort of vetting for councillors is an interesting one. They have access to a wide ammount of privileged information that should be treated securely, and they have occasional contact with very vulnerable people.

The lowest form of DBS check is only a very basic form of vetting, however, and the higher levels are generally most appropriate for those who are going to be employed with direct and continuous contact with vulnerable people. It should be pointed out immediately that none of these levels of DBS checks would be considered sufficient for someone employed even in so low a position as a cleaner in a government office.

Civil servants and government contractors (including the cleaners!) also have access to privileged information and, occasionally, to very vulnerable people. They are vetted, according to role, on the spectrum described here


I would have thought that this document is where the discussion should start on defining an appropriate level for the provision of some kind of public confidence in the individuals who represent us. Good effort by Ana Savage Gunn to raise the subject, though.

Two further incidental remarks.

To the best of my knowledge, MPs are not subjected to vetting except if they join certain committees, or take up government or senior shadow roles. Should councillors be subject to vetting levels that MPs are not?

Mold, during what turned out to be his final Panel appearance, implied, but did not explicitly state, that Adderley had been DV cleared (see the document I referenced above). If this is true, then this should (and I know whereof I write) have yielded the contradictions that, so far as we know, form a major part of the basis of the disciplinary case against him. So that is something additional to take an interest in, come late May.

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Regarding the Adderley DV, this was done in 2017 by Staffordshire Police. This is valid for 7 years.

GMP & Cheshire have claimed all records destroyed (lies as he is still an employee so a HR record with evidence will exist) so it looks like Staffs are the ones on the hook.

The issue for HOW he ever passed all comes down to his change of signature to match his older brother Rick at EXACTLY the same time he joined the Police. I have a stack of evidence regarding his mortgage applications where you can see 2 different back stories with different signatures and thus different IDs. If someone creates a decent 30 year backstory, stealing a close family member's details, gets multiple mortgages they redeem over and over to create a nice trail of cash through every lender in the land, and has the fortune for the names Rick & Nick to be similar, the vetting would quite easily be run against the wrong person and not throw anything unusual up.

This creates a lot of problems for Mold though as Adderley was set up as a director with his genuine date of birth on a company Mold set up in 2019, showing Mold signed off on 2 different dates of birth for Adderley and why Mold is desperate to brush this under the carpet, but now finds it impossible as the situation has grown and is utterly out of his control.

The vetting flaws will expose huge weaknesses in the system and cause embarrassment for the home office, but also raise questions over how much attention Mold was paying to obvious inconsistencies. There is a sufficient blame to spread around, but no one will come out of this unscathed.

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Hi Simon, this is fascinating, what was the name of the company Mold set up in 2019 in which Adderley subsequently became a director? I don’t think it can have been the company based in Cecil Road, Northampton. I am fascinated how much data you have acquired and how you managed to unearth it. I would love a few tips as to how you do it.

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This was Voice for Victims that was funded by OPFCC (a cynic might say to avoid FOI and scrutiny) https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/10840161

You'll also notice that when investigations into Adderley's background ramped up Mold quietly dissolved this company.

The other company you are thinking of is Empire Northampton Limited. Cannot say too much about this as just dotting a few i and crossing a few t here. This company operated out of a property that used to be a garage that exploded in 2011, is connected to a property owned by someone who lives in Staffordshire and has several businesses dealing in car parts and scrap metal. With Adderley investigated for issues of car maintenance fraud this is certainly an area of interest that again raises questions about why Mold was asleep at the wheel not picking up any of this?

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To respond to your points in separate messages to make it easier to follow. I'd suggest that as Cllrs are the starting block by which many start off their political careers, having vetting at the entry level stages for starters is better, to stop wrong 'uns getting too deep into the system. I was DBS vetted for airside security and that is ALOT so agree that some levels are not sufficient, but either way some form of gatekeeping is required.

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Andrea been in Westminster since 2021. Time she got out of there and came back to see her constituents. Mind you she only ignores you, anyway.

Regarding Affordable homes - you should make us aware that affordable homes is quantified at 70% of market value, or thereabouts, presumably based on the land value of the neighbourhood. Social housing is the missing element and due to developers seeing little profit in this sector - choose to ignore it, as do the planners.

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