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Successive Northants councils have done nothing about air pollution for decades, so it's no surprise that our air is more polluted than places like London and Birmingham. They're doing something about theirs. Somebody in Northampton dies every three days from air pollution and thousands more live lives blighted by serious illness.

WNC finally appointed a part-time Air Quality Officer in November 2023. Their first attempt at public information was to post the first of a series of Clean Air Night messages on Facebook, specifically about wood burning stoves: a major source of air pollution. Some action, finally! But a few trolls, clearly fans of air pollution, gave them some grief in the comments. So the spineless communications team deleted the post and decided to not post the rest of the messages. Crisis needs leadership. Leadership needs courage. WNC has neither. 1000 Voices has both. I've signed up. We all need to let our council know that most of us want to breathe clean air.

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