The books haven’t balanced in this county for a decade now, we’ve suffered the reputational damage and worse the cost to front line services.

The commissioners came in and split the county and here we are in the same position.

Is it Cabinet? Chief execs? Directors? Who is accountable for our public services?

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When the former leader of the county council boasted that under his leadership council taxes had not risen for many year, we are now living with the consequences.

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Read the confusing previous article on the University campussss.

Talks about Park Avenue, yet much appears to be about St Georges Avenue.

Any money still outstanding from the University ?

Also beware the hypocrisy of the term "affordable Housing" i.e.defined as up to 70% of market value - the politicians are bandying the same stuff out there.

Finally, another case of public money movement not being disclosed for "confidentiality reasons". You bet. (but not on when the election will be held).

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"Cllr Lloyd Bunday ... said the customer service team had handled 558,000 enquiries during the most recent financial year, calling it an ‘enormous achievement’."

No, it isn't, in my opinion.

The North Northants area has a population of around 360,000. About 270,000 are adults. There are about 150,000 households in the area. So, according to Cllr Bunday, that is, over the period, 1.5 enquiries per person, man, woman, child, babe-in-arms. It is also over 2 enquiries per adult and nearly 4 enquiries per household. So, I would say that the figure quoted by Cllr Bunday is so enormous that it is not to be believed. Either some different definition from normal of the word "enquiry" is being used, or an officer has sold Cllr Bunday a pup (in which case, one questions Bunday's credulousness), or Cllr Bunday just made it up (in which case, one questions Bunday's honesty).

The situation over NNC's handling of contact with the public, in whatever form it occurs, is an utter disgrace, and needs to be resolved quickly. But to surround the problem with what seems to me to be transparent deceit is, I think, beyond disgrace and into the realms of dereliction.

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