Quite a week of scandal for Northants, there is a lot more connection between the OPFCC, Police and council than people are aware of and dismantling this cabal through this sort of investigative journalism is in the interest of all residents of Northants.

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There definitely seems to be a set of interlinked individuals and institutions determined to keep control of whatever happens in Northamptonshire, and I think you are doing a great job of keeping an eye on things.

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As someone recently said, 'There's a cabal of power in both NNC and WNC.'

For my part, I see it big time in WNC ,can't speak for NNC but did hear a story about some Corby land getting sold off far too cheaply

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Well done NN news, Bone won't go down without a fight and if he is de-selected he will want his cronies in positions where he can still have some influence

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Heaven for Betsy!

What will Jonathan Nunn do if Suresh Patel isn't there behind him pulling his strings.

The Puppeteer, aka The Godfather, Patel, was missing in action last night from the WNC council meeting.

Licking his wounds after his supernumerary display in the Dock for the prosecution case against David Mackintosh?

Or packing his bags and passport?

Apparently, Dubai is nice this time of year!

He could discuss a further discount for the Sixfields land deal?

Now it transpires that various monies have been swapping places in the Northampton South Conservative Association of which he was chairman.

If you're perplexed as to why Patel, as Mackintoshs agent, didn't know the source of the funding for the then prospective MP's election bank account, join the club.

The answers may lie in the St James Lodge?

Who knows.

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Given his disgraceful behaviour over the Snooty Fox legal case Mr Smithers would appear to be ideal parliamentary material ......in the style of Owen Patterson

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