Re; Voi Scooters.

Personally, I've had an incident that could so easily have been a fatal one for the scooter rider.

Hate to say it but the riders tend to be young, inexperienced and full of cockiness and attitude.

Add to that, no personal protection is required.

How can that be legal?

Also, why not do as Labour want?

A full review BEFORE renewing the contract.

Having a full conversation with the public is a responsible thing to do but it appears that the council have voted along party lines yet again

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The scooters aren't being serviced, Voi isn't visible in vans any longer. They're essential now for people commuting, but a lot are faulty and Voi don't care. If Nunn's an expert then so am I, and they should look at other providers

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I work in local government, and the meteoric rise in clients presenting with problems with care providers is incomprehensibly alarming. The volume of enquiries and serious safeguarding complaints have increased by over 50% in the last 3-6 months alone in Northampton and surrounding areas.

The WNC and safeguarding teams need to recruit a full-time vetting team and stop outsourcing this to third parties at extortionate rates. WNC is paying far too many tick-box-checked 'limited liability' care companies that are nothing more than shells of operations registered with the Home Office designed to recruit in droves overseas untrained care staff who are not paid what their British counterparts are paid and, oftentimes, they are shackled to their sponsors (which are awarded lucrative contracts by WNC with little audit if any) and fear making complaints about their frequent exploitation. This is a huge loophole Westminster has conjured up with its Tier 2 key care worker visa schemes and they are alarmingly abused, and it goes more iimportantly to the other end as well. These workers are abusing and mistreating their elderly British patients across the board.

My name is "Scott L Pileckas" and I am based in Towcester and Oxfordshire covering the entire tri-county area and I will duly attest to the basis for everything I articulate herein. I have worked for youth and elderly outreach initiatives for over 25 years, and if the WNC isn't engaging people with my subject matter expertise, their strategy is going to fail and is indeed failing.

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The areas where Voi can be ridden is cockeyed.

The Voi T&C’s quite rightly state that e-scooters can’t be ridden on pavements. Yet there’s no restriction in the Voi app to prevent their use in the town’s parks. Go figure!

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I don’t think it’s helpful to keep VOI incident reports secret however when reviewing them they should be reviewed in the context of general road incident rates. Are they anymore likely to result in an accident than general road use by car drivers should be the question. The largest issue I suspect will be the poor state and provision of active travel infrastructure in the first place. We need a step change in our investment and planning regulations in this area…and a change in attitude by the motoring public to go with it when schemes encroach on roads.

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I am in receipt of a personal budget from Adult social care in North Northants. I used to not have to pay. Suddenly 2 weeks ago I was sent a backdated bill of nearly £1000 for 9 months of care and it was a threat of debt collection notice saying I had to pay immediately, or else.

This was the first I had been told I had to pay. A threat of debt collection.

The numbers they used to calculate the amount I had to pay are not connected to reality.

According to them I only have to pay £40 a week rent. Its Actually £175. I asked for an assessment as disability related expense was not included in the calculations. I was told I had to pay anyway.

I was then sent another letter saying I had to pay another nearly £100 for this month too.

This is how they are trying to make up the short fall.

By making people such as myself who live only on benefits pay and I am struggling to survive.

Now I have to find a lot of money from no where and somehow cut down even more to pay for essential care. Its disgraceful.

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Are things starting to be rushed through WNC procedures as the ruling Conservatives face the likelihood of defeat in the local elections next year?

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