hi new free subscriber here.I didn't know you existed-Fitzy recommend ,I see you've been going two years, I would like to read about how things have worked out??I would like a few arts bits.Am I asking too much?

Print Journalism has collapsed (daily locals gone etc, BBC website the biggest enemy because it's free being now of the ironies-they're fact checking being as biased as any of the stories they look at being another gem).

So what's the answer?Are you at least on a local level it?I very much miss the letters page in the Chronicle.How do you replicate that?And the revenue stream, with so few of us willing to pay.

I don't know the answers but would be interested to read how your two years have gone and if the business model works.

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Feb 6, 2022·edited Feb 6, 2022Author

Hi Clive, thanks for your comment. We recently launched a new feature where we publish some letters we’ve received from readers. As it’s new we’ve only published one of these pieces so far, but hope to do more in the future.)

We’d also love to have more arts coverage, it’s just the two of us running the journal at the moment so it can be difficult covering all the things we’d like to. But we have lots of plans for the future so do keep reading!

Thanks again for your interest.

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The CCTV is a scandal of its own. Many cameras are switched off so there are swaithes of the county that appear to have CCTV but actually it does not exist anymore.

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Another thing to do at the weekend: Protest - Bone: You do not speak for Us!

There will be a protest on Saturday from 12.30 - 1.30 outside Peter Bone's Office, 42 Midland Road, Wellingborough NN8 1LU.

The theme of the protest (but bring our own placards) are suggested as:

* Bone - You do not speak for me/us

* Bone - Stop lying like Johnson

* Bone - Demand Johnson resigns NOW

* People died alone - while No10 partied!

* Standards, morality and ethics in public life - not lies and deceit

* Bone - Rules for US - but not for YOU?

* No10 - a criminal conspiracy?

Come to this protest with family and friends.

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