I think this needs a thorough investigation, why is it ok for the LEA to be judged inadequate and failing all its thousands of pupils across Northamptonshire when this provision has achieved so much and been rated outstanding for almost the same length of time, the New Authority is in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water on this issue.

Covid changed the way that children attended school, over the period,

did the LEA know how many children who were at risk and supposed to be attending mainstream school were not in attendance during Covid?

The CEs record of outstanding provision and achievements which were second to none should be taken into account and worked with to find out if this was a systemic failing or because of the Covid situation.

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Once again the chaotic way Northamptonshire deals with children is in full focus.

The public should be pressing the MPs in North Northamptonshire day after day to focus on local issues rather than worrying about a few refugees getting across the channel.

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