I guess that the Conservatives are not worried as there are no elections in Northamptonshire.

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This is the current update on North Northants Website

Council Tax energy rebate

Rebate scheme

For those who pay Council Tax via Direct Debit

Subject to successful system checks, we are aiming to start making payments of the £150 energy rebate for those who are eligible, and pay via Direct Debit, in the week commencing 9 May.

For those that do not pay their Council Tax via Direct Debit

We will shortly be contacting customers directly to invite them to provide the necessary details via a simple online form or via other methods available on request. These details will then be verified to enable a payment to be made.

The energy rebate is a government payment based on Council Tax data and is not a rebate to the Council Tax bill.

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Situation normal in Northants ... 😕

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