Once again the Tories are laughing at the electorate. Any employee who had such a poor record would have been fired by now.

I guess the Tories cannot sack her from the party as it would be seen to be hypocritical as the Prime Minister plays fast and loose with rules.

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What happened to honesty, integrity and probity? But I guess Northampton has a rich recent history of such behaviour.

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If she were on benefits and swindled as much money she'd be locked up.

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What happened to the law? surely this person has defrauded the county out of money by taking payment for services not provided. She should be in prison.

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Dec 18, 2021·edited Dec 18, 2021

Dear Sirs why are you so intent on bashing people who actually do something for society? 

I have just come across your recent story and I am incensed by the fact it does not reflect the hard work of our Councillor.

Annabel is very hard working and has been a great Councillor for the district and whilst I don't know everything about her she is a person who gets involved, sorts out issues, follows them up and had a no nonsense approach. She has a wonderful quality too....she does what she says she will do.

Your story is typical ; biased and not telling all of the issue. As I said I don't know much about her private life but I do know from meeting her and speaking to her on the phone many times that she is a busy woman  and a mum too, always juggling, domestic, home and Council roles as well as fighting the corner of residents with problems that need addressing.  

In my experience she has and is always very approachable, willing to listen and ready to meet residents with concerns. I can think of many occasions recently when she has been out to our community to discuss drainage and flooding problems and she is the Chairman of a liason group for local residents regarding a quarry. Our Village is just one in her district! Just because she has moved doesn't mean that she is unavailable for residents to contact and I am sure the lots of phone calls and emails she always makes will make her no less effective at her job although no longer living locally. Just look at how our MPs represent their constituents.

Your story does not reflect the whole picture.....  being a Councillor  is not just about going to meetings, I agree it is important, but do you not realise we have been in a covid pandemic? Councillors have other lives too, full of  family things , life changes as well as trying to do their best for the community. I don't suppose for one moment you have approached her properly to ask questions. Instead you are trying to sensationalise an issue. You are just trying to pull down someone who actually does make a difference to the community. No wonder people are hesitant to put themselves forward for public office! Shame on you!

I look forward to your explanation. 

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Whatever your personal experience of this ex councillor her attendance record speaks for itself. If you attend you get compensation in expenses. If you don’t attend yet claim expenses that’s fraud. There’s too much of this in public life.

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I must say in Annabel's defence that she is a huge advocate of things at a local level. She has also been completely shafted by her party, as was Heather before her, also the Oundle ward councillor. (within the Oundle ward, we are represented by two other members, including, unfortunately, Jason and Helen and have not even received an email or letter of introduction from them at a parish council level - it's very disappointing and dismissive of the town and parish council sector as their 'eyes and ears' with the local knowledge.

Politics aside, Annabel will be missed because she would fight the corner for residents in her ward - effectively the ward is now disenfranchised until a new member is found.

Caroline Yeo would be a huge asset to the electorate.

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