What I find impossible to understand is how officers and councillors could drive past the site and not notice that there was little or no progress on the stand.When we built the stadium it was as a community stadium, not just for the football club, hence for instance the athletics track.It was paid for using the capital we obtained when we were reluctantly forced by central government to sell off Northampton Transport.Te town had a debt free stadium and the people round the County Ground had peaceful Saturdays.The irony of all this that some of the councillors involved will still be sitting on the disaster that will be West Northampton Unitary.There was a time in the not too distant past when NBC had people called Clerks of Work,and councillors and senior management were held to account.Why we even had budget meeting that went on into the early hours and my late colleague Geoff Howes ,as chair of finance sub insisted that every committee budget was gone through,in public,line by wearisome line.

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Is an apology is as much as we can expect as the individuals are still around so should be charged for the offences and could be rejected by the party involved as potential candidates. Will the Conservatives take action or is the party of law and order unable to discipline its own?

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