What is NN Journal?

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Launched in January 2021, NN Journal is Northamptonshire’s newest independent news provider - delivered five days a week by email.

We believe there has never been a greater need for independent local journalism - reporting that digs beneath the headlines and tells the stories that are going untold. Working closely with the local community, NN Journal aims to shine a light on these issues and hold those in power to account. 

But that’s not all. We’ll also be running regular open-newsrooms across the county so that you can tell us about the stories you want us to look into. We’re a social enterprise and we’ll be working with local groups to run journalism workshops for those who want to learn new skills or have an interest in how news works.

Who works at NN Journal?

We’re Natalie Bloomer and Sarah Ward, two long established journalists from Northants who have been breaking exclusive stories from across the county over the past few years.

Natalie has written for the Guardian, BBC, Politics UK and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and  Sarah was most recently one of the BBC’s local democracy reporters covering Northants for the local media and winning awards while in the role. 

How NN Journal works now

From March we will move to a paid subscriber model asking members for £5 per month for access to our daily original news. Paid members will receive an email each weekday morning and the occasional bonus Saturday feature. To sign up hit the button below

However non-paying members will still have access to two original features each week. Plus, non-paying members will still be able to contribute to our reporting and of course be part of our discussion threads.

The subscription fee will cover the cost of our journalism and ensure we can remain ad-free and independent.

Get in touch

If you have a story that you think needs to be looked into, please get in touch and email us at sarahward@nnjournal.co.uk or nbloomer@nnjournal.co.uk

All of your tip offs or suggestions will be treated in the strictest of confidence and we will never reveal the identity of our sources.


If you wish to make a complaint about an article published on the NN Journal website please put your complaint in writing to NBloomer@nnjournal.co.uk stating your name, the date of the article you wish to complain of and the reason for your complaint.

We will acknowledge receipt of you complaint within 24 hours and respond in full within three days.