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For the first two months we have provided our news without charge, but from early March we will be introducing an optional paid subscription in order for us to continue bringing you this independent news service.

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Reasons for our existence

We decided to start our venture in response to the decline of local journalism in our county over the past few years. The explosion of social media and the demise of traditional advertising streams has sadly led to the established local newspapers either closing (as was the case with the Herald and Post in 2016 ) or having to lay off staff and reduce the number of reporters.

As a result the coverage of Northamptonshire society and its communities has not been as comprehensive as it was a decade ago, with public organisations not being held to account as they could/should be.

We don’t want to sound too worthy about it, but local journalism is one of the cornerstones of our democracy and needs to be as robust as possible in order that society functions as well as it should.

We are two experienced local journalists with many years experience of reporting.

Natalie has written for national publications such as the Guardian and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Sarah was most recently an award winning BBC local democracy reporter covering the local councils in the county.

Our pledge is to look at the issues that are being unreported and dig behind the headlines.

We will never reproduce press releases without asking further questions of the organisation that sent it and will only send to you stories that we think have a local importance.

So far our coverage has looked at a variety of topics including the growing far right presence in the county, the plans for the new unitary councils, and we have told human interest stories such as that of Greg who is homeless and had been living in his car for six years.

In the months ahead with local elections coming up in Northamptonshire, we will be concentrating on those standing for election; what the political parties are pledging to deliver and how they intend to run the two new unitary councils.

A social enterprise

NN Journal is a community interest company and a social enterprise. Part of our aim is to ensure that local journalism not only survives but thrives and we will be playing our part in helping to inspire and train the next generation.

To this end we have already started running free journalism workshops with Northamptonshire young people and have plans in the pipeline to work with other community groups.

From March we will also be running a monthly open newsroom for members, which will be virtual at first, but once the pandemic is over we will be hosting the newsroom in community venues across Northamptonshire.

We want to hear what our members would like to see reported and will do our best to find the answers to the questions you have.

We are always grateful of feedback so you can comment on the stories themselves or send us an email at or

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