Police take away homeless man’s car

Greg has been living in his car for six years

By Natalie Bloomer

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Last month, we told you the story of Greg, who has been living in his car for the past six years. 

NN Journal was contacted last night by residents of the village of Titchmarsh advising that the police had taken away his car, sparking concern for his safety.

An urgent call out for help was posted on Facebook after local people spotted the car being removed. One person later saw Greg in neighbouring Aldwincle and said he was feeling desperate about the situation. It is believed he was planning to spend the night in the woods.

NN Journal visited Aldwincle and the surrounding area last night with local residents who were trying to find him and take him food, however he was not found.

“Earlier in the afternoon we were heading out for a walk in nearby Wadenhoe and drove past Greg and noticed the police parked opposite,” one local resident said.

“On the way back we saw him walking along the road between Aldwincle and Thorpe Waterville and stopped to ask what the police wanted and to check if he was okay. He said he was. It was later that we saw Facebook posts saying that his car had been taken.” 

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to raise funds to buy a caravan for Greg to now stay in.

“I’ve known Greg for a while, I set up an account at the local shop so he could pick up bits when he needs it,” Donna Jawo, who lives in Titchmarsh, says.

“The car may not seem like much but it was everything to him. I’m really concerned about his safety. He had already had a really bad time and things have just got a lot worse.”

When NN Journal spoke to Greg in January, he told us how he classed the car as his home and stored all his possessions in it. 

Having been homeless for so long, he had been resistant to offers of accommodation and support. However he has struck up relationships with local people who have supported him with food and company in recent months. 

“They’ve been lifesavers. I ran out of money about a year ago and I’ve been really struggling. I’m starving half the time but they’ll turn up with a couple of sandwiches or a flask of tea. I think sometimes they think ‘we better take him some food or he’s going to die’,” he told us at the time. 

He also said the local council had offered him support over the years but that he was scared he will end up in a homeless hostel.

“There was a time when perhaps if the right help had been offered I would have taken it but now I worry where I will end up,” he said.

Late last night, we received a message to inform us that Greg had secured a bed for the night. We will update you with any further news as we get it.

Northamptonshire Police has been contacted for a comment.

Update: The chief of Northants Police took to Twitter on Saturday morning to advise that Greg’s car will be returned to him at no cost and that they will work with him to find a suitable place to park the car and get the further support he needs.