Live Blog: Election results 2021

All the updates from North and West Northamptonshire

Welcome to our election result live blog. Please keep checking back for updates throughout the day. Sarah Ward will be reporting from the Kettering Conference Centre in the North from 10am and Natalie Bloomer will be at Silverstone in the West from midday. For every result as they come in you can follow us on Twitter @NNjournalism.

22.30 That’s all from us tonight, thank you for joining us. We’ll have analysis and reaction to the results tomorrow.

22.00 West: Final numbers from the West -Cons 66, Lab 20, Lib Dems - 5, Ind 2

20.50 West: Almost done, one seat to go: Daventry West - Terry Gilford (Con), Lauryn Harrington (Con), Stephen Dabbs (Lab). Dallington and Spencer - Gareth Eales (Lab), Terri Eales (Lab), Rufia Ashraf (Lab). Castle: jamal Alwahabi (Lab), Enam Haque (Lab), Danielle Stone (Lab). Kingsthorpe South: Sally Beardsworth (Lib Dem), Cheryl Hawes (Con), Harry Barrett (Lab).

20:30 North: Results all in now. Conservatives have total control of the council with 60 councillors. Labour have 14, Green 3 and independent 1. Total washout for the lib democrats in this election. Husband and wife team David and Wendy Brackenbury elected to Thrapston. Jason Smithers, Helen Harrison and Annabelle de Capell Brooke elected to Oundle. Good night for the conservatives and the greens.
* this is amended from earlier when we incorrectly stated the conservatives had 57 councillors.

19:30 North: Russell Roberts, former Kettering leader has ruled himself out of leader (although rumours are he could be deputy). Conservative group meeting on Monday via Zoom to decide who is leader. (Jason Smithers - who has not yet been elected - is the front runner).

19.25 West: The Conservatives have enough seats to take control of the council in the West. Ian McCord says the financial crisis at NCC is “in the past” and he “doesn’t intend to look back”. McCord is another of the names in the running to lead the new council.

19:15 North: Six more conservatives elected to the Rushden South and Irthlingborough wards. Former East Northants council leader Steven North elected along with David Jenney and Andy Mercer.

19:05 North: A series of conservatives wins means they have reached the magic number to control the new unitary council. North all ward elects Ian Jelly, Kevin Thurland and Anup Pandey. Helen Howell, Richard Levell and Lee Wilkes elected to Raunds.

18.50 West: Jonathan Nunn, former leader of Northampton Borough Council is rumoured to be the possible leader of West Northants council if the Conservatives win. He tell us the job “scares the hell out of me” but that he “might ask my colleagues to consider me".

18.45 West: More results - Middleton Cheney: Alys Breese (Cons), Rosie Herring (Con), Edward Solesbury-Timms (Con). East Hunsbury - Suresh Patel (Con), Andre Gonzalez De Savage (Con), Pinder Chauhan (Con). Brackley - Tony Bagot-Webb (Con), Fiona Baker (Con), Sue Sharps (Ind)

18.30 West: Conservatives are now almost the line with 46 seats won. Headlands have elected Paul Joyce (Lab), Koulla Jolley (Lab), Mark Hughes (Con). Nene Valley electsLizzy Bowen (Con), Jonathan Nunn (Con), Phil Larratt (Con). Riverside elects Ann Flavell (Con), John Hibbert (Con), Cameron Kilbride (Con). Daventry East elects Nigel Matten (Con), William Morgan (Con), Thomas James (Con).

18:20 North: Lib Dem Chris Stanbra loses his battle in Oakley ward as three Labour candidates elected. Leanne Buckingham, Ross Armour and Simon Rielly onto the council. Eleven Labour councillors, 31 conservative and three green elected so far.

17:30 West: Labour’s Catherine Russell says she is delighted with the result in the St George ward which saw three Labour candidates elected but says the West Northants authority has been “constructed to ensure a Conservative win”. She says the national results for Labour are “extremely disappointing” and that the party needs to "rethink some of its policies and its stategic attitudes towards different parts of the country.

17.25 West: Latest results - Moulton has elected Daniel Cribbin (Con), John Shephard (Con), Michael Warren (Con). Braunston & Crick - Alan Chantler (Con), Rosie Humphries (Lib Dem), Malcolm Longley (Con). St Georges - Catherine Russell (Lab), Winston Strachan (Lab), Muna Cali (Lab)

16:50 North: The victorious greens say now they’ve been elected to the council they can make a change. “We have run a clean campaign and we want to work with everybody” says Emily Fedorowycz. The trio (Sarah Tubbs not pictured) have taken the conservative stronghold of Cloverhill and knocked out big hitters Lesley Thurland and Ash Davies.

16:30 North: Irchester returns three Conservatives- former Wellingborough leader Martin Griffiths, Tom Partridge-Underwood and Jon Paul Carr. Count now starting on the second batch of 13 wards.

16.10 West: Another batch of results from the West - Towcester & Roade Maggie Clubley (Con), Louisa Fowler (Con), Lisa Samiotis (Lib Dem). Long Buckby - John Bignell (Con), Marc Lister (Con), Charles Morton (Con). Sixfields - Imran Chowdhury (Con), Nick Sturges-Alex (Con), Brian Sargeant (Con). Bugbrooke - Adam Brown (Con), Karen Cooper (Con), Ann Addison (Con)

15: 30 North: Earls Barton elects three conservatives. Scott Brown, Clive Hallam and Lorna Lawman. Story of the election so far is that three Green have been elected in Cloverhill. Dez Dell, Emily Fedorowycz and Sarah Tubb now councillors. They knocked old conservatives ash Davies and former deputy leader of Kettering Lesley Thurland. Bill Parker also lost.

15: 20 North Desborough elects three conservatives. Mark Dearing, David Howes and Mike Tebutt. Burton elects three conservatives Jan Ohara, Chris Smith Haynes and John Currall.

15: 05 North Three conservatives elected to Hatton Park. Ken Harrington, Malcolm Waters and Graham Lawman.

15.05 West: Biggest story from the West so far is that former NCC Cabinet member and well-known candidate Victoria Perry did not win in Billing & Rectory Farm. In a statement to NNJournal she said:

“I’m disappointed that I cant continue my work holding the council to account through robust scrutiny. I was a hard working councillor who understands the importance of transparency and accountability. I have no links to previous toxic issues and was willing to fight for the public. I hope that all councillors elected will do this. That being said Congratulations to Paul and James and to Keith who has worked very hard for his community so I wish them all the best and I know they will deliver. Just a shame that we are are another strong outspoken  woman down and some old guard still linger. I will keep up the fight.”

15.00 West First few results in the West are in: Talavera has elected Dennis Meredith (Lib Dem), Janice Duffy (Lab), Naz Choudary Lab). Billing & Rectory Farm has elected James Hill (Con), Leslie Clark (Con), Keith Holland Delamere (Lab). Abington & Phippsville has elected Zoe Smith (Lab), Bob Purser (Lab) and Walter Tarasiewicz (Lab)

Corby West sees three Labour councillors elected. Jean Addison, Alison Dalziel and Matt Keane. No surprises there.

first three labour candidates elected to Kingwood. John McGhee (1619), Zoe McGhee (1477) and Peter McEwan (1447). Father and daughter duo here. Comprehensive victory for Labour.

14:20 North Three conservatives elected to Finedon. Jon Ekins (1491), Malcolm Ward (1457)

14:10 North. First three conservative councillors elected to the Brickhill & Queensway ward. Paul Bell (1455) Matt Binley (1374) and King Lawal (1015). Conservatives have first three of the 40 councillors they need to control the new unitary.

13:50 North: still waiting here. Session was supposed to finish at 2pm but with 10 mins to go, not one of the 13 ward results we were expecting. Apparently it’s the grass skirt ( ballots were vote was not just for one party) that has caused the hold up.

13.05 West: No results yet. Lib Dems feeling ‘mildly confident’ in Talavera, Northampton. They say they’ve had a really good response from residents. Candidate Dennis Meredith who is recovering from Covid says he is not happy with Silverstone as a venue. He says he was left feeling very out of breath after climbing three flights of stairs here. Also says it is too far our for candidates that do not have a car. He says if he is elected he will be asking the council how much it cost to hire the venue.

12.40. North
still waiting for the first result. Apparently not long now.

11.50 North: Greens feeling confident in Kettering Cloverhill ward, think they’ll definitely get one councillor. Labour Wellingborough say a good result would be returning all nine candidates in the Finedon, Queensway and Croyland wards. Chance of that is very slim, as under the previous county council these were all conservative. No results in yet, should be coming soon.

11.30am West: We’re all set up and ready for results to start coming in. All quiet at the moment but we have a nice view of Silverstone.

10.30am Morning and welcome to the North Northamptonshire Council count. Very unusual conditions today because of the pandemic, with counters behind screens and limits on attendees. Big question of today is will there be a Conservative blue wash of the new council. From the body language, many conservative candidates looking quietly confident. Expecting the first results in before midday.

Lots of familiar faces here hoping to hear they’ve been elected. Labour’s Anne Lee, Adam Henley and Jean Addison walking the floor as well as Lib Dem Chris Stanbra and Conservative Tim Allebone and Corby and East Northamptonshire MP Tom Pursglove.