Coming soon: NN Journal is launching in the new year

Original Northamptonshire news from journalists Natalie Bloomer and Sarah Ward

Welcome to NN Journal - we’ll be launching our digital news site with original features about Northamptonshire from January 3rd.

Each day you’ll receive an original piece of journalism about issues that matter to Northamptonshire straight to your inbox.

Local and national politics, social issues, health, and crime will all be reported on and up for discussion by NN Journal as part of our journalistic endeavour.

Written by established Northants journalists Sarah Ward and Natalie Bloomer NN Journal’s stories will seek to inform, investigate and shine a spotlight on the under reported issues within our county.

We believe there is no greater time for this type of local journalism following the collapse of the county council, the impending local government reorganisation and the impact that has had on so many aspects of our society.

We will also be looking closely at the impact the pandemic has had on people’s lives and livelihoods, local health services and businesses.

Set up as a social enterprise we would like as many Northants residents as possible from across a wide range of communities to get involved with our work. We’ll be running open newsrooms frequently at venues throughout the county and also holding workshops to help strengthen community journalism skills.

During the first two months all content will be free with original articles sent to you every Monday to Thursday, with a weekly news briefing every Friday.

We then will move to a subscription model for a low monthly fee. However there will still be a free element, with non subscribers able to access one original news feature and the news briefing each week.

By becoming a subscriber you will help support our journalism and help us to always be ad-free and independent.

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